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AP News is a correlative to the Citizen's Public Safety Network. The Activists Publisher's Network is a societal research endeavor centered on civic accountability and complex misconduct that government agencies whitewash or avoid regulating. Contributors are a decentralized consortium of independent human rights journalists, programmers, advocates, analysts and action groups driven by a synergistic conscious further amplified by data-aggregating technology and collective publishing platforms. Non-government or private sector citizen collaborative research and investigations is often performed by the very person's involved in newsworthy events and reporting on the "Just Cause". All projects are currently volunteer and no grants or donations are accepted. Exposès typically focus on white-collar crime and premeditated exploitation of persons, their property, and civil rights. Crimes that negatively affect all taxpaying citizens and entire communities; especially the elderly, those with disabilities, children, victims of domestic violence, bullying, harassment, person crimes as well as fraud, negligence, exploitation, malpractice, business, professional and facility violations. The AP Network News platform can best be described as an information amalgamate of data and watch-dog journalism.

Advocate Publishers, Researchers & Analysts

Advocate Publishers, Researchers & Analysts facilitate and promote Citizen to Citizen public safety reporting, technology, research, investigations, education and perpetrator behavior alerts of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons.

Regional and National Investigative Journalism Projects.

Collective grass roots movements and non-profits analyse and publish Citizen to Citizen public safety data investigations, education and perpetrator behavior alerts of those whom present a public safety risk by their repeated exploitation of vulnerable persons.

Date or Project Specified Coordinated Research

Premeditated exploitation of persons & their property are crimes that negatively effect all taxpaying citizens and entire communities. Access to data journalism project can preempt or mitigate perpetrator damage in corrupt regions.

Regional or County Coordinated Research

Civic governance is organized geographically as a result public safety and white collar violations or crimes fall within specif districts. Federal act or statutory violation trends can be analyzed by region to alert the community on public trust oat of office violations and repeating misconduct matters with that district.

Global Exploitation Comparatives

Vulnerable person research groups aggregate and analyze fraud and abuse in legal and healthcare systems internationally. Elder Abuse Civic Accountability, Research, Tracking & Perpetrator Profiling news articles are displayed on &

County by County Public Safety Comparatives Predict Trends

Data in our private sector, non-profit research, summary reports and online publications is based on objective analysis relating to vulnerable person exploitation, abusive domestic circumstances, professional and institutional behavioral trends gathered from crowd-sourcing, public news articles, verifiable testimony, government reports, grass roots advocacy programs, witness accounts, victim interviews, evidence and affidavits.

The elder justice advocates behind the development of The Advocates Publishing Network social technology platform and its supporting grassroots victim-advocacy organizations are volunteer citizens from diverse professional fields and combine an extensive skill set. This volunteer private sector brain trust is aligned to educate all persons on predatory legal and health care systems that are not being effectively regulated.

Research indicates that too often vulnerable person exploitation is purposeful, premeditated and organized in clandestine "association in fact enterprises" of aligned professionals. Perpetrators unjustly enrich themselves off the elderly and tax supported health systems through the usurpation & corruption of legal processes and compounding abuse of fiduciary roles & duties.

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