September 10, 2018

Advocate Story Submissions

Why are you an Adovcate – Northwest Journal News Exposé

The Citizens Public Safety Network (CPSN)  is looking for high impact stories that your cause may be interested in contributing your experiences to.

We have an expanding online media network so we are looking for persons who want a platform to share their traumatic experiences. This has benefits for both the contributing author and the intended audience, who often benefit from hearing from others willing to share what often ends up being similar circumstances and emotions.

A substantial part of the research conducted by CPSN comes from the affiliated online news agencies of The Activists Publishing Network, which includes Northwest Journal News (NJN).

NJN  is gathering contributor content for an exposé series called Victim Impact Statements. Each story will be published in a categorized series, once enough contributors have submitted their experiences. This could potentially includes matters relevant to your circumstances, because your cause is often a symptom of a larger abusive circumstances often caused by another person, institution or series of events as the under-lying cause of the abuse. This is what the contributor exposé series will focus on; what causes abuse, negligence or exploitation and how the victim is impacted.

These matters are also relevant for citizen initiated public safety policy reform which is central objective for our research and publications. Content contributor’s must be comfortable sharing whatever they choose to for online publication. Any speech potentially abusive we are required by law to not publish. Contributors are welcome to include links to their products and services if it is related to the content of their story which is required to be related to the exposé series premise.

CPSN and all affiliated brands are not government, politically or religiously affiliated or funded, nor are we corporately funded or sponsored. Fact is we are not funded and we are not currently seeking funds. We are a group of regular people whom have been dramatically affected by abusive circumstances and find healing by trying to assist others whom have faced similar traumatic experiences. Those who would like to have a louder online voice for their experiences that we are hoping the online publications and publication promoting social media networks provide. Any contributor stories can be removed at any time by request of the author or after a period of time once the exposé series has ran its course – which is something we don’t try to predict.

Here is a link to the exposé premise, guidelines and contact.

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