Citizen Safety Maps ™ Citizen Sourced Data Science Research Project

Citizen Safety Maps ™ is a  multiple layer vertically-integrated Geo API system  (Application Programming Interface) that “tactically” allows  advocate researchers  with assistance of  artificial intelligence (AI) to curate public information, The system also allows any internet user (crowd-sourcing) the capabilities to place map tacks within a one kilometer radius or surrounding perimeter (proximity based alert system) of where white-collar ethical misconduct, civil breeches or crimes have allegedly or are  allegedly occurring.

Citizen Safety Maps™ profiles provide a proximity based gateway to a 3 level perpetrator, business or facility standards tagging and filtering tracking system. Federal, statutory, industry and professional violation code  resources  are  linked from map location placement markers. These map tacks markers also include educational alert data, profile gateways to  investigative evidence and an additional profile access point for collaborative research.



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